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SEO Content Creation: Don't forget the Users

When writing a copy for a website, most content writers emphasize on search engine parameters and conveniently forget the users, who would eventually read the copy, if it ranks well. Moreover, it will not leave your website much credibility and authenticity if you neglect the user or the experience that your copy may provide him or her.

A business is successful only if there is consistency in performance, specifically in terms of conversion rates, which depend on the user. Content creation for websites is a two-fold process, the result of which has to serve SEO as well as the users. In doing so, a copywriter should never forget the human aspect; the users. Users are potential customers that are to be reached through a copy and keywords are only mediators to reach them more effectively.

Communicability equals Usability
Copies created for SEO is usually optimized by infusing relevant keywords in it. However, when a write-up is stuffed with keywords, it loses its essence and meaning which in turn takes a very heavy toll on efficient communication with the user.

More keywords does not necessarily mean higher rankings. The course of business on Internet is determined by many factors of which content creation is one. These factors such as usability, link-ability and content creation are interdependent. One cannot depend on them in isolation.  Keywords provide a necessary channel for communication, which the write-up will induct and consequently will lead to links and conversions. So, do not make the mistake of forsaking content quality for keyword inclusion.

Content that is short, direct, precise and offers readily available information along with judicious  use of keywords, is perfect for both SEO as well as users.

Remember that keyword tools will only make you aware of the general thought process of your prospects. It is up to the content developer to appropriate them in the write-up so that clarity and quality of any write-up is not compromised.

Another significant point to remember is the position of the keywords. Having a keyword in the title and the subheading, gives out a very assuring message to the reader. It also enables your copy to stand out from the barrage of information available online.

The primary goal of SEO content creation is improving SEO results, which can be achieved by accommodating both the SEO and users’ perspective.

A brief but vital overview of the above information is mentioned below:

  • Do not Neglect users and user experience
  • Do not Stuff write-ups with keywords
  • Do not Compromise on the quality of content for keyword inclusion
  • Put the keywords in title and subheadings
  • For improved SEO results, cater to both search engine as well as user specific needs

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.