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How are New Additions to Google Shopping Useful for Online Retailers

Google Shopping Features Google Shopping Features[/caption]

While users will have a great time enjoying the new shopping experience that Google Shopping is making available to them this holiday season, online retailers should not turn a blind eye! It’s time to take note now and start modifying their Google Shopping feeds to ensure that their target audience is not left in the lurch looking for them in the sea of products and merchants that are there.

How can Online Stores benefit:

1) Product Reviews – Everybody has been trumpeting the importance of product reviews – easily the meatiest user generated content unit in Google’s eyes – and now the same has been reinforced with new review feature in Google Shopping. If your store has not garnered product reviews till now, it’s time you get them by either offering an incentive to users who are willing to write reviews for you. Be present on Google+ and get the traffic from there as well. And if you a Magento store, then you can even get a SEO Friendly Embedded Product Review Magento Extension developed by CueBlocks

2) 360 Degree Product Image Views – You must provide Google Shopping 360 degree image views of your products. Merchants can contact Google and fill out a form. Contact web development and design service providers for some revving up your product images to the level of excellence.

3) Google Shortlists – Not much you can do here since it is going to be all user run show. They will be creating the shortlist and sharing it with their friends and families. However, you can make sure that your products are in their Shortlists. Make each and every product count! Get reviews and recommendations from customers. Offer them incentives to review your product.

4) Discounts, Promotions & Specials – This is your territory, in fact home-ground so make sure that no bases are left here. Offer holiday discounts, promos and special discounts so that they can be displayed with your products and send you traffic. The new Google Shopping feature will have discounts and promotions of retailer sites listed below the products and you better make the best of it.

Even though being a paid platform has damped out the chutzpah associated with Google, yet online retailers cannot disregard Google Shopping’s contribution in improving the conversion rate of their stores. Now as it tries to make shopping even better and more of a user-controlled operation, online retailers must not stay disinterested and partake fully in evolving online shopping, there may be benefits both primary and collateral at stake.

Online retailers must view these modifications as windows of opportunities to up their stores’ conversion rate and gain the maximum out of this platform for eCommerce stores. It’s not about how big is the store or how small it is but what a user takes away in terms of experience and interaction with your brand on all available mediums.

No matter what kind of a store yours is or what size it is, simply make sure you are not ordinary or easily passable in the following domains:

  • Quality/ Display of Products
  • Pricing
  • Being Interactive/ Social
  • Customer Service
  • & Delivery

because users will pay attention if you give them something to take note of.

Read more about the Google Shopping additions at:

For a completely no-charge audit of your store’s presence on Google Shopping, contact CueBlocks! Or let us help you manage your Google Shopping account.

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.