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A Must Have Guide for Your Store’s Migration Program

An Easy-to- implement 40-step guide to ensure that your migration from the Http to Https version of the website is smooth, beneficial, and secure! There’s a printable infographic that you can take out and post on your wall as a go-to reminder during your migration!

Crucial Take Aways:

  • Tips to ensure a smooth switch to the Https version of the website
  • Step-by- step breakdown of complex essentials for store owners and admins to remember during the Http to Https migration
  • Relevant for both eCommerce and non-eCommerce stores
  • Implementable Points that combat the risk of lowered rankings, reduced visibility in search engines, compromised data and other unforeseen repercussions.
The information contains all the essential points one needs to keep in mind when executing migration of a store and avoid penalization of your store's search engine performance. It's concise, quick to follow, and extremely useful! Go ahead, migrate your store and do it with knowledge.