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An Easy-to-implement 91-point checklist for E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization - Many are calling it the hottest resource for E-commerce conversion optimization on the Internet.

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You will learn:

  • How to know your customers and take guessing work out of conversion rate optimization
  • Things that you can show on your home page to improve your store's conversion rate
  • How to build navigation that your visitors will keep thanking you for
  • How to improve your product search to convert more visitors into customers
  • Things that your customers want to see on your product pages
  • About Checkout usability issues on your store that might be turning your customers off
  • How to break-down user experience into actionable touch points
  • Information useful to your visitors and make your store stand out from its competitors
  • Things you must do today to increase your page load speed
  • Tips from UPS on how to handle shipping to make people order with more ease
  • How to use customer re-targeting to convert visitors who leave your store without taking an action
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This eBook will not only give you the much needed 'big' push but also a road map towards making more profits from the same amount of traffic.