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A Pleasure-filled Diwali at Cueblocks

CueBlocks celebrated Diwali with great fervor and joy. The brightness, sweets and excitement of the day, made all of us at CueBlocks rejoice in the high spirits of the festival of Light. We at CueBlocks love to celebrate even smallest of accomplishments, individually and as a team. So this Diwali we found yet another reason for arranging a small get together at our work place.

Cue Team in high spirits Cue Team in high spirits

To live up to the spirit of the festival, we decided to take up the challenge of adding colors to our immaculately  clean white interiors of our office. Aman managed to put her creativity to use, as she worked her way with the flowers and came up with a simple yet very pretty design for Rangoli and believe me the Rangoli had made all the difference in brightening up the workplace.

Without any pomp and show or extravaganza,  Diwali at CueBlocks was  simple, warm and a memorable affair..  The evening was full of small surprises that added a great charm to the festive spirit. We kicked off the evening with some great French wine and lots and lots of good food to go along with the wine. Our wine sipping session gave us all an opportunity to discuss new developments in life, on the personal as well as the professional front.

WineGlory- Opening up to celebration !!
WineGlory- Opening up to celebration

To add to these great moments came along our Diwali gifts from CueBlocks. They were small candy-like blocks wrapped in environment friendly gift wrappers which kept most of us guessing !! After a lot of unsuccessful guesswork, we opened our presents and Voila, Ipods they were! Stunning, Apple Ipods in different colors! Our day was surely made, thanks to Cueblocks.

Cue Team- Cheers!!!
Cue Team- Cheers!!!

This was the best Diwali gift ever, now all the CueBlocks members have their personal ipods. Exulting and cheerful faces all around made this small get together a great and a unforgettable evening for years to come.  With all these jubilant moments we thoroughly experienced and felt the true emotion and soul behind celebrating Diwali, symbolizing the age-old culture of our country which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness that engulfs the light of knowledge.

It also taught us the lesson of commonality and togetherness. We also realized the value of blessings and how they influence our lives. Wishing Cueblocks an unprecedented glory and success, we ended the Diwali celebrations only to begin living them throughout the following year!