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GeoChirp – A Twitter and Google Maps Mashup launched by Cue Blocks

GeoChirp, a new Twitter and Google Maps Mash up recently launched by Cue Blocks, is the latest innovation in the vast domain of social networking. All those tweeples out there who can’t stop tweeting can now add GeoChirping to their list of activities.

It is a tool that enables you to find users twittering for specific things in a particular area, within a radius of 50 miles! Visit to access the Twitter Tool.

GeoChirp has been designed to enable users to connect with people who have similar interests from a particular area. Just type in the location and the area of interest that you want to search for. Within seconds you will have all the Twitter users in the defined radius with their tweets before you. You can also choose the number of tweets displayed on a page by regulating the number of tweets option.

– GeoChirp – Twitter birds flock together!

And GeoChirp makes sure that they do! With this tool, you can now find people with like interests and dispositions within your chosen range of area. You can log in to GeoChirp using your Twitter account and reply to people, follow them and retweet an update. With an Autorefresh feature, it also displays new tweets added frequently!

By default, GeoChirp takes up your existing location and shows Twitter users in the region.

Twitter has become one of the leading Social Media Networking sites, with GeoChirp you can get a database of tweets about specific things in a particular geographic region.

Google Map is also available with a search box at the bottom where users can type in the location and start networking with people in the chosen location. Social Networking is usually centered on interest based interaction among users, however, this Twitter and Google Maps Mash up is an attempt to shift the focus on location based networking.

Find who’s tweeting about what in your neighborhood, block or city with GeoChirp!

– Following are some of the reviews about GeoChirp:

We hope you all enjoy GeoChirping!