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Corporate Blogging: A Practice That Pays

Corporate blogging has become a necessary practice for corporations. To interact with people is as important for an organization as minimum profit generation each month. If you are not connected with your audience/ buyers/ potential customers/ followers, they won’t know you! Thus getting into corporate blogging will definitely pay in the long run if not monetarily then for sure in kind.

The lifestyle these days does not allow people to remember more than required! Corporate blogging provides you with a great avenue to stay in contact with your audience, talking about what they would want to know.

Corporate blogging is not your personal blog page where you talk about your experiences. You can use that element in corporate blogging, keeping in mind certain principles. Corporate blogging is carried out by organizations keeping the focus away from marketing the organization – its products and services.

Important corporate blogging tips:

  • Design a great blog page and set an attractive theme for it.
  • Avoid sales pitch in corporate blogging. Shun the marketing instincts of yours for a while and just write on the topic focusing on what the reader would want to read. May be about the latest developments in your industry.
  • Keep your blogs open to feedback! Even if it is negative. Keep the comments on your blog page open. You can always have an internal policy to delete the spam comments. But make sure that you reply to all other comments on your blog page.
  • Interact with your audience as much as you can. That is what corporate blogging is all about – establishing a connection with your patrons, readers or customers.
  • Don’t forget to have share buttons on your blog page. Your regular followers would love to share your work if they like it.

Let employees do the talking!

Most often, companies have a team to take care of the corporate blogging division. Many organizations also encourage their employees to blog about their respective professional fields or something more general. Employees must not pitch about the company, in fact they must write on topics that are either related to their field of expertise or anything that readers would like to read. It must not be something that they should boast about. We can never discover the problematic.

Many companies have the policy of having 3-4 authors for a single blog post! This stamps on each post a personal touch and also brings an individuality to it and by sharing real life experiences, they are able to build a great relationship with their readers.

Why Corporate blogging helps

It helps employees sharpen their skill sets while assisting a great deal in reputation management (especially during crisis). Plus corporate blogging enhances brand awareness and provides insight into the working culture of an organization. A company can even attract prospective associates, clients or even employees with the help of corporate blogging.

Are you sitting on your desk yet?

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.