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Web Development Completes 5 Fantastic Years!

DSC00837It’s time for high fives as we reach the 5th year of’s inception. Though the “official” 5 years of the company get completed on Jan 30th 2011, this date July 12th 2010 is special to us as it marks the day when Cue Blocks got its space on the world wide(ning) web – domain got registered. And in an age where virtual is the real, this day is definitely bigger (until Jan 30th 2011 shows up, at least ;)).

Now we all know what the 5th Anniversary means for any company that was started by young individuals with mind full of youthful aspirations, ideas (some productive others just fancy) and well not much tangible sources to bank on! Well, take Cue Blocks’ word for it…it feels great – pure, flawless greatness!!

What made it possible? We have shortlisted the 5 most crucial things for any company to make the 5th Anniversary celebration possible! To make it to ten or twenty years, just keep in touch because we’ll let the secrets out as and when we cross the bridge. 🙂

So the most crucial things are –

Internet – Nah.. but seriously being an Internet Marketing, Web design, development and Social Media Marketing firm; we just can’t go further without giving a peep of a mention to the Internet :P.

Money – Who can ever start up a venture empty handed?

You think so too? Well not us, since we’ve been there and done that; we know better now and

The ‘Real’ things are:Cue Team all Excited - Cue Culture Book getting Unwrapped

Cue Culture Book - The First ReactionA Great Team – We’re really thankful to have built up a team of talented, passionate and awesome individuals who make Cue Blocks’ ventures successful. The Cue Team got together and worked up on a wonderful Cue Culture Book. It will soon be up on the website for everyone to admire and get a slice of Cue Culture . 🙂

Clients – The amazing people who give us unquestionably the most important thing – ‘work’! It has been a great experience working with/ for such brilliant minds around the globe.

Family & Friends – The name Cue Blocks was thought of by one of the director’s Mom! So Cue Blocks would probably not be Cue Blocks if it wasn’t for the support and constant encouragement of family and friends alike.

Great Clarity in Vision – Now this is something that many companies lose out on somewhere in the middle and end up shutting down before even leaving a mark. As a company it’s important to have a vision and share it with everyone associated with the organization.

The Past, Present & Future – Time and its lessons are your best teacher. Never forget where you came from, where you are and where do you want to go/ be. Cue Blocks knows that very well and is constantly evaluating/ re-evaluating our efforts, their results and our dreams.

CueBlocks 5th Anniversary Celebration @ Office

All in all the journey has been fantastic and we have learned, grown and held on to our dreams. So now when we say ‘If it’s online we go the distance with you’ – it comes from no overriding ambition but 5 years of being Cue Blocks!

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