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CueBlocks Monday Movie Marvel!

Monotony of daily work, mundane professional and organizational lifestyle and clockwork routine does take a toll on the passions, enthusiasm and creativity of employees working in any company. This exhaustion is to such an extent that weekends seem to be like a farfetched oasis that can only be reached after crossing a vast arid stretch of a region called ‘work’. The journey to this region is undertaken by the fatigued traveler (who rejuvenates only to droop again as the week starts) on the most dreaded day of the week, ‘The Melancholic Monday’, when the distressing journey begins.

The responses to the beginning of a week, i.e Monday are universal and identical irrespective of culture, creed or race. These include sullen, discouraged and grumpy behavior and in extreme cases may also lead to diurnal depression commonly known as ‘Monday Blues’. To ward off this gloomy strain and influence that Monday drags along with it, we have come up with a cure to combat the Monday Blue Syndrome. This effective cure is the after work ‘Monday Movie’. Note that the cure works best when accompanied by pizzas, burgers, popcorns and delicacies of other kinds. Yes, it is a great way to terminate the germs of stress and vapidity which gradually kill the motivation, zest and energy in an individual during the course of the week. Therefore, at our company, CueBlocks, we decided to give this innovative cure a chance and to our delight, it has not only worked exceedingly well but also made all of us look forward to Mondays, which have now ceased to be mundane and monstrous.

The movie is screened at 5:30 pm, half an hour before the office gets over, and goes on till 7:30 or 8:00 and is selected unanimously. One can imagine the success of this small indulgence, when it can make all of us stay longer happily at the office, without being irate!

Till now three comedy movies have been screened Khosla ka Ghosla, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and Bheja Fry, and the result, well, the dispirited symptoms have now given way to increased laughter, interactions, discussions (about subjects apart from the movies also) and a general sense of commonality. We also watched, ‘The Secret’ a highly inspiring film that motivates to lead life in a bigger, better and a more beautiful way. The movie really touched the chords of everyone’s heart and encouraged us to realize our dreams and achieve our goals. The movie turned out to be a life lesson rather than just an inspiration. It helped us to actually incorporate ‘The Secret’ of living life to the fullest into our attitude.

It is very significant that a workplace gives you more than just work. It is important that it teaches, influences and shapes your way of life. You know that a company is evolving when its employees also share moments apart from work!

Hence, the cure does work and eventually we aim at completely eradicating the disease of melancholy Monday and maintain an active consistency through out the week. As our credo is ‘All can only end well if it begins well’.

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.

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One Reply to “CueBlocks Monday Movie Marvel!”

  1. Really nice idea. I wish my boss here also realize the reason of my coming late every time on Monday is nothing but Monday blues. In fact i have a friend who did not go to his office for four Mondays in a row. The pattern was obviously due to Monday Blues. Of course on Tuesday he would go to office out of guilt and disappointment in himself. Whatever, its a great idea to combat Monday fever. Hope you are continuing with it.

    Cheers to CueBlocks!

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