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Google+ – The New Social Sphere

Rumor is – Google launches Google + (, the new social media platform which is said to be Google’s answer to our very own Facebook. The new social network is at present being tested with a limited people but is expected to be out anytime. In less than 24-hours, Google+ has already exceeded its capacity for limited roll-outs. So what does Google has on the platter for us, read on to find out.

Google+ is called a social project and there is a reason for it. With Google+, the search engine master has brought the concept of sharing to all its products. Google+ once open to everyone will be available right from the grey Google taskbar, which after its new addition will be wearing black.

What else? Google+ also has a recommendation button, called ‘+1’ ( which is already available for use. You can easily locate one right there, placed side to side with the historic ‘Like’ button. Google+ adorns a neat, white and spacey design with simple, self-explanatory icons spread neatly across the page, which is very much in tune with Google’s minimalistic design approach for all its products.

There’s more – Google has named its social features Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles, just  what’s it like in the real social circuit!

Things to look out for in Google+

  • The +1 button
  • Instant photo upload
  • Group video chatting
  • Photo editor
  • Huddle (a circle messaging feature)

While Google has got more to pull out of its bag, the limited version has already created a ‘buzz’. The conclusion to the predictable and eventual Google+ vs Facebook debate is already underway even before the launch! Let’s see if FB should be putting on the thinking caps yet.

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.