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My Cue Blocks Experience – Kate

KateAIESEC appeared as the first line when googled “international internship”. It was the first time I heard about this organization. As I found out later, it’s huge. But I didn’t expect, that I can find anything for my specialization (graphic design). <!–more–> And I applied for each position, which had something to do with art and design (teaching disabled children, illustration, newspaper design, packaging…and, of course, web design). Surprisingly I had some options to choose from. Cue Blocks was one of them, and I made my choice, right choice (we never know, but I believe, that it was the right choice:)).

I was so unsure about everything, so unconfident and nervous about going India and, most of all, starting to work (it was my first experience of working as a designer). My duties seemed so vague to me, I knew nothing about web design.

Almost 3 months have gone since then. As Pancham said on my first day, 3 months felt like 3 weeks. And he was so right! I always think, that everything is just starting, but it’s not. It started with birth and  it will slip away, if I don’t seize the moment.. It’s one of the things, that I became more assured about this summer. Cue Team

What astonished me about Cue Blocks team was professionalism. I heard interns from other companies complaining about “Indian stretchable time”, but in Cue Blocks tomorrow means tomorrow:) Everyone was extremely friendly. I really appreciate, that people wanted us (me and Melih) to feel comfortable and spoke English, when we were around (especially for the first month:))

I’m very grateful to Pancham, Avneet and Sarthak for giving me this chance, for guiding me through, for creating such a nice atmosphere. I’ve never seen people, who distinguish “being friendly” and “being professional” so clearly (I mean it’s not a surprise, because I’ve never worked in an office before. But I’m glad, that my first bosses showed me this attitude).

CB_souvenirAs always, passing a milestone, I think, that I could have done more, learned more. But now, looking back, I feel enriched. The blocks of information and experience are filling up the gaps in my  head. One by one they are falling down. Cue Blocks made me more magnetic for particular sort of  these blocks. I’m hungry for new knowledge, charged for this school year. Now I see better than ever, that school can’t give me as much I as need. This internship clarified my further path.

Elisha, my TN manager promised “life changing experience”, and Cue Blocks kept the promise.