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Print Ads from Google

About Google Print Ads
Recently Google has launched a new Adwords feature by the name of “Print Ads”. Through print ads, advertisers can place their business ads in selected newspapers throughout the United States. In fact the best part of this feature is that Google itself helps you to find prospective newspapers and placement positions for your ad and goes as far as coordinating the submission of your offers and ads to the newspaper agencies. It can also help connecting you to a professional ad specialist in case you want him to design ads for your business as per your budget and schedule.

How Google Print Ads work for you?
The basic steps involved in creating a business print ad involves:
1) Designing a print ad suited to your business profile.
2) Selection of newspapers you like to advertise in.
3) Deciding on the factors like newspaper sections you want to put your ad in, days of the week you want your ad to appear and ad size that affect your ad effectiveness.
4) Entering the price you can pay for that insertion. Unlike an adwords like auction system, you have to choose your own offer price here.
5) Your bid gets reviewed and depending upon a number of pre-defined factors, your offer gets rejected or accepted.
6) If your offer gets approved, you can directly upload your ad into the system and it starts running. In case of disapproval, you can try resolving the issue by communicating with the newspaper to reach a mutually beneficial offer.

Unlike a traditional newspaper advertising system, through Google Print Ads you can advertise in multiple newspapers all at once through an easy online interface. Moreover, you can view how your ads are progressing and manage all your account details through a single user-friendly account. Working carefully on various factors such as creating effective ads, choosing the right newspaper placements and coming out with an optimal bidding value can really help you to come out with an effective print ad campaign for your business.

Google Print Ads provide you with an easy, low-risk way to test the success of your ad campaigns.
Google Print Ads when used with Google Adwords can really give an extra edge to your ad campaigns by strengthening your message and reaching local audience more effectively.

If you are still unsure about how these print ads and other PPC services can help your business grow fast, you can hire a capable Internet Marketing firm which can effectively implement these strategies for you.

Co-founder of CueBlocks, I lead a team of around 50 experts at CueBlocks, where we strive to propel organizations making a positive impact. Since 2005, we've honed our expertise in eCommerce development, digital marketing, and creative design, all aimed at promoting meaningful messages. I am eager to connect with like-minded organizations and explore how we can amplify your impact together.