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Sadhupul – The team's retreat into the wild – Again!

A regular office day, regular office work, regular banter going around and suddenly the ghost of adventure and fun raises its head and grips all, all because of the weather outside! So we have our minds wrapped around the idea of breaking free and doing something exciting like a trip into the wild, may be? After much deliberations and recounting memories of the first ever trip to Sadhupul, we decided to head back for some outdoorsy fun!

Cueblocks Team at Sadhu Pul
Walking by the River – Sadhupul

We all gathered outside the office on the bright, sunny morning of April 15th, 2012. Slowly, everyone got together including one of the Beagle boys – Chatur! The little guy was more excited than all of us combined together! With the new highway complete, the drive was pretty smooth and comfortable. Of course a stop at the legendary Giani’s (the most popular eatery on the way to the hills) was a given, where we all ate some yummy aloo ka paranthas and chai, the staple Indian breakfast!

We finally reached our destination, the cars were parked at the Indira Holiday Home, an old building with, you guessed right, the ghostly charm that old buildings have! After freshening up, all of us started off to explore the area, and hiked alongside a river and enjoyed the view. Chatur also made a new friend, Sheru, the dog of the wild!

One of the highlights of the trip was Karan and Vicky’s obsession with the camera. They both clicked uncountable pictures…of themselves! Although Aastha tried to get caught on the lens as much but couldn’t outdo the duo. Another funny memory to take away from the trip was Sarthak getting scared by a teeny weeny snake and demanding that we go back immediately. After much encouragement from everyone, he agreed to go forward with one person ahead of him and another behind him to keep a watch for snakes!

Retreat at Sadhu Pul - Cueblocks Team
Retreat at Sadhu Pul – Cueblocks Team

After about an hour of exploring and when everyone got hungry, we walked back to the Sadhupul restaurant built on the Sadhupul river for food. Hungry and tired after the hike, the water under our feet felt relaxing and the food on the table nothing less than a royal feast! Sheru, still tagged along and enjoyed a meal with his city pal.

Cueblocks Team having lunch at Dharampur
Cueblocks Team having lunch at Dharampur

When all of us were fed and rested, it was time to go back. The journey homewards was just as exciting and fun as before. We all stopped for tea and refreshments at a place in Dharampur (a small town on the way) and savored the evening among some winks and guffaws! We reached back at about 8 pm, tired and spent, but extremely happy.

Goodbyes were said, ways were parted and promises to bring the pictures to the office next day were made as the day ended with smiles all around!

Sadhupul again? Anytime!

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.