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CueBlocks Turned 3 and We All Got Drenched to the Bone!

July 12th, 2008 was a joyous occasion for everyone at CueBlocks. Our beloved baby had turned 3! That, of course, called for a celebration. As grand as last year was (the much talked about pool party at Chimney Heights), we wanted to do something different this time.

On the way to Sadhupul On the way to Sadhupul

After a lot of planning and contemplating, a day trip to Sadhupul was finalized.

All was set, a list of things required was made, responsibilities were handed out and on Friday, July 11, we all went home knowing that tomorrow, we would be embarking upon a journey which none of us would forget, ever. So keeping in tune with the plans laid, we all met outside the office and headed to our destination. But of course we didn’t go there straight away! A stop at Dharampur is never to be missed, especially if we know that we will be feasting on paranthas, curd, pickle and tea. No point counting the calories! Let’s just say the food was really, really delicious.

After approximately 3 and a half hours, we reached the Sadhupul resort, which I might add was beautiful, but in a spooky way. Huge mirror adorned rooms and quiet, lush green surroundings. I know, sounds beautiful, but believe me for those of us picturing the place at night (everyone!) it was kinda scary.

Enjoying the Weather!
Enjoying the Weather!

After a little refreshing ourselves, we set out to explore the place a bit and reached the bank of Sadhupul’s sole river. And this is when the adventure and fun really started. An overcast sky, knee deep water and the company of some of your closest friends – this is the recipe for a perfect celebration and that’s what we had. Actually, we did get a little wary when it was time to cross the river, but once that was out of the way, things pretty much were perfect. And so we went on, laughing, clicking pictures, splashing in the water and making the most of life.
Just as we were marveling at the weather and its perfection, we felt the first few drops of rain. ‘Ha!’, I thought, ‘A little rain never hurt anyone’. And I was right, a ‘little’ rain does not hurt, but within a matter of minutes, the light drizzle has turned into a heavy pore which threatened to soak us to the bone. Oh wait, it did soak us to the bone. Are you thinking that our spirits were then as damp as our clothes? Oh please! In fact, we were more enthusiastic and charged!

After a lot of walking, actually climbing, up a small path way, we took shelter in a small enclosure. It was only a little later that we realized that it was a temple! Of all the divine coincidences. Our explorers Nosheen and Ketaky, ventured into surrounding areas and came back with a pine cone (where is it now, by the way?).

Agreed, we were all cold, starving and tired, but the excitement just wasn’t letting us acknowledge it! That was, till we came across Hotel Rainbow. The food was fit for a King! We had everything – tea, paneer, dal, chicken, rice, rotis, salad….(now I’m hungry!). Oh, I almost forgot, we ran into Sweety at the Rainbow. A cute little puppy, Sweety was the hotel owner’s pet but looked very love and attention deprived to me. Sadly, I couldn’t take her home and when we left, she was peacefully sleeping next to two other dogs, who looked like they could have been her parents.

More of walking and we were back at the resort. We dried ourselves and rested a little. No one wanted to head back, but we had to. So with heavy hearts and promising ourselves that next time, we would stay for a day or two, we started back. The journey back was also as much fun. Despite the exhaustion, we kept talking, cracking jokes and clicking pictures. After a stop over at Dharampur, complete with tea and pakodas, and a 15 minutes jam at Kalaka, we were outside the office, all set to head back home. Did I mention that we really didn’t want to come back?

Once back home, I suddenly realized how tired I was, but going straight to bed wasn’t an option! I still had to do two very important things – describe the wonderful trip to my folks and show them the pictures. I kept doing these over and over again, till it was 1 A.M., my parents were tired and bored and my mother threatened to take away my phone if I didn’t stop. That immediately put me to sleep, but not before I relived the trip. I seriously dozed off smiling. It had been an awesome day, the memories of which will make us smile all throughout our lives!

CueTeam - All smiles
CueTeam – All smiles

Special thanks to Nosheen, without whose professional photography we would not have been able to freeze the moments of fun, to Aseem, who kept our spirits high (even when we were drenched and tired) with his rib tickling jokes, and to the driver of the bus, who played songs which we had never heard before and were thus too funny (all in favor of buying Miss. Pooja’s hardcore Punjabi CDs, please say ‘Aye’!).

Can’t wait for next year! Let’s aim for Switzerland then :-D.