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Startup "Internet Television Channels" beats Google in launching Pay Per Click Video Ads

The gauntlet has been thrown!!

People have been talking about Google’s Pay Per Click Video launch over the past week and the phased launch of the service. However as a true tribute to Internet’s role as a great leveler, a startup by the name of “Internet Television Channels” has stolen the limelight from Google by being the first to formally launch the service.

Almost like a Ninja style sudden attack, Google has been caught totally unaware disrupting their announcement to be the first and only company to take a slice of the Pay Per Click video advertising pie.

We did some snooping around and found out more about what they are offering.

It was interesting to read how they drew an analogy on how they are to PPC Video Advertising what Google is to “PPC Text Advertising”.. turning a blind eye to Google’s own efforts to be the front runners for the PPC video advertising race.

From Internet Television
“Our goal is to be to pay-per-click online video advertising what Google is to pay-per-click text advertising – the Google of Video. We are also determined to become the premiere Internet Television Network – broadcasting TV programs, movies, music videos… and web commercials people want to see because they relate to the content of the website they are visiting.”

# There are other exciting differences between Internet Television Channels and Google’s video ad network.

1. Internet Television does not plan to just broadcast video ads that are highly targeted to a large network of websites, but they will also broadcast Movies, TV programs and Music Videos as well.
2. Advertisers have a choice of running a video ad solo or before video programming. “We plan to turn thousands of websites into an internet television channel in 15 minutes or less by providing websites not only with highly targeted video ads but movies and TV programs that match the content of the website. Visitors will stay at a website longer when there is video programming that matches the content of the site. It is win-win for the website publishers, film producers and web consumers. Think of us as an online video syndicator just like Kings World Productions is in the offline world.” says Samuel Salter CEO of Internet Television Channels.
3. While Google video ads play on the publisher’s website after the user clicks a graphic display ad. Internet televison’ video ads and programs play silently without sound non-intrusively on the publisher’s website and underneath is a text description of the video. When the user clicks the text link, a page pop ups and the user experiences a video with sound that takes up half the screen. As an added bonus advertisers can put links to their site, banner ads and other information about their product or service on this page.

Salter believes their network is not only for direct marketers, but also brand advertisers who are interested in pay for performance pre-roll video advertising opportunities. The site also gives Merits of having the Video uploaded and served from the publisher’s website:
a. What if a prospective customer clicked on your Targeted Online Video Ad™ and the ad took them to your site and the video did not play? What would you do?
b. What if when they arrived at your home page the home page says nothing about the offer in your Targeted Online Video Ad and there is no video on your home page with sound.
Do you think they will search your site looking for the offer promised in the online video ad?
c. By setting up your landing page in the Internet Television Studio, you never have to worry about these things happening. Because once you upload your video, we encode it so that it is ready to stream to your prospects from our redundant servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plus you can further enhance the studio environment by uploading a display ad. A winning headline and a warm sales messages provide an even more interactive experience for your new customer.

4. The different landing page options allow you to split test your landing pages.
5. No changes required on your website to include your webcommercial on your website. And no efforts to accommodate video streams for the movies and TV programs your commercial may play with?

# Internet Television Channels also offers the services for creation of web/TV commercials.

Which of the two (and possibly other entrants) succeed in being no. 1 still remains to be seen, but competition is always good for the users. This certainly would be one company to look out for in the times ahead. I do hope that they remove the frames from their site design in the next redesign 🙂