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What ever you love, Just Google it!

Yeah you are right! The Big G launches its newest product (right before the hard-to-contain teasers of Google Plus) – WhatDoYouLove!

What do you love? ( is also a search medium but with a totally new zing to it. Yes, now you do not have to browse through a number of search results to find (not your love but) what you love.

‘What Do You Love’ search engine allows you to just type in what you love in the search box and what you get is absolutely pleasing to eyes. 20 different widgets on a single page show you everything related to your search. The search results on the WDYL page include:

  • Google News
  • Translators
  • Maps
  • SketchUp
  • Patent Search
  • YouTube
  • Google Voice
  • Google Books etc.

The idea here is to allow a user to find everything he wants to know about his search on one single page.

WDYL has all the results you want and the way you want
Pictures, videos, maps, trends, calender entires and other important things can now be found on one destination and that is WDYL. Google WDYL is also being hailed as the dashboard consisting all Google products for all you want to know about your search. With this Google has tried to make search for some particular product, place and brand more detailed and quick view. Users now have the choice to search either for result oriented Google search or for more attractive, detail based search. If the search is related to something/ someplace very specific, you can use and go on about exploring and enjoying at the same time.

Many are of the view that Google has used this new search tool to advertise its products and services like Google Voice, Google Patent Search, Google Groups, Google Trends etc. The motive is to make users familiar with the very useful services Google offers. And what can be better than a well presented display of all of those on one single page. When people see the quality of results delivered to them with such a tool, they would want to use other services too.

We don’t know how will it influence Internet Marketing strategies or eCommerce marketing techniques but it sure is exciting to think about the future where we may replace ‘google it’ with ‘heart it’.

In all we don’t know if it is actually really useful for many of you but it definitely looks good and has a catchy name. To start, see if the results for Scotland make it your dream destination!

Enjoy hearting it ! 🙂

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.