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Can Your Special Offer Stand On Its Own?

In a race to grab the biggest piece of the pie, businesses flood markets with deals and offers of all kinds and keeps. So in a fleet of really well paying deals, how does your special ship (read offer) stand out? Hopefully by not igniting the cannons.

Moving on from the watery metaphor, lets get to vital things – presenting the offer.
More often than not it is the way information is presented or delivered which influences the reciever more than what the actual offer is. So if you can manage some cannons that’d be great! Cannons in your copy of course, still stuck on the metaphor, are we? That’s good because we’re going to share a few techniques that are no less than any other explosive stuff. Here we go:

Put the Spot-light on worth in dollars!
The first thing you can do is highlight value-addition to the customer in terms of dollars. Put the $$ savings in the first line itself, so that even before users trickle down, they will do it with a favorable prejudice. Your product is your main offering and the offer is a value addition so make it look like one. Here is an example of an offer that will gather more than just cursory reading.

Pay just $549.95 for Services worth $1000
Only at ABC Automotive
Offer Valid till June 30th 2011
Save $450.05 on Services worth $1000
Only at ABC Automotive
Offer Valid till June 30th 2011

Make Offers Stand Out
Offers are common and not at all a new phenomenon. However there are only a handful of those that are uncommonly presented and hence have more takers. Like this one:

Eat all you can for only $7 per person

Now this sounds more appealing and has a call to action. On the other hand, this may sound a little bit desperate but we all resolve to desperate measures when the profit graph seems to drop down like a flaccid worm.

So if you’re one of those who would cringe at the thought of sounding in dire need of buyers then you need to know that offers and deals are a great way to scurry up the dipping profits and increase conversion rates. What’s more, everybody is doing it and earning too. Plus you don’t even have to sound desperate, only funny.

This too is important
Once your headline is done catching customers’ attention, use the body of your copy to mention the details but don’t flush out the excitement that your headline just created. Divide the copy into three parts:

  • Value to the customer
  • Real facts about the offer and product. (but presented interestingly, see how Groupon markets its message).
  • Instructions to avail the offer.

An offer is a strong sales call which pulls the customer towards your product with each word. These should be announced with the same excitement (cannon firing if you may call it) so that customers stop and pay attention to it.

Offers might be a cost you have to bear but if you use them well, these can generate large sales and cover-up for the reduced margins. And even before you realize you’ll be happily sailing to richer shores!

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.