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CueBlocks Proud to be Featured on Top Design Firms!

At CueBlocks, we love fresh beginnings! That’s why we’re proud to display our work on Top Design Firms, a new business marketplace platform that connects top design talent with businesses in need! TDF is a sister site of Clutch, a B2B market research firm. 

We’re excited to be listed on Top Design Firms to help new socially-responsible clients with their digital initiatives! CueBlocks will always be invested in working with brands that want to make a change for the greater good and not just their bottom line! 

While working remotely people have many concerns like – are these people legit, is there a team or are these just freelancers with a website, how good is their communication, are they reachable if there is an emergency, are they prompt/proactive and how competent are they in their craft, etc. This recognition from TDF is a testament to the fact that we have been able to address all these apprehensions well and walk the extra mile to add value to our clients.

Take a look at some of the feedback our clients have left about our work recently:

CueBlocks quickly get things done. If they’re tackling small things, I appreciate that they finish within 24 hours as compared to the previous people I’ve worked with where I’d be waiting a week for their deliverables.

Their team has a professional approach, and they have specialists in various areas. Overall, the project has rolled along quite nicely, which allowed us to have a long-term relationship.” 

–  Director, Manufacturing Company

“They had me extremely well-positioned when the pandemic hit, and I realize that’s a weird thing to say. A lot of bike shops don’t see a lot of value in their website; they don’t necessarily list their products online like we do because the majority of business happens when people walk in the door. Cycling has become very popular during the pandemic, and in-person shopping has dropped significantly, so we were in a great place with our website. It was amazing to watch. I was actually a bit nervous because our ability to fulfill orders was a bit limited, but it was very fun.

Metrics have increased across the board including organic sessions (up by 53%), new users (up 67%), and organic revenue (up by 156%). Focusing on Google Shopping, we’ve seen a 600% increase in revenue, a nearly 1,000% increase in transactions, and a one-fourth reduction in CPC.”

 – Owner, Perennial Cycle

We have consistently jumped in rankings on most targeted keywords and improved our overall site authority. We have seen a 70% increase in traffic and an 80% improvement in CTR, resulting in a strong increase in business.” 

– CEO, Marketing Firm We’re proud of our impact, and can’t wait to get involved in more projects for 2022! Contact CueBlocks today if you’re looking for top-notch service for your next project!

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