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Magento XML Sitemap Generator & Splitter Extension

Still thinking on how to generate an XML sitemap on your magento store?

Magento XML Sitemap Generator and Splitter extension is a brilliant stand alone magento extension that allows you to automatically generate XML sitemaps on your Magento based store. XML Sitemap Generator & Splitter is a complete XML Sitemap tool that generates and organizes your XML Sitemaps. The magento extension works in compliance with the latest XML sitemaps protocol (followed by Search Engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo). This one is a specialist extension for generation & splitting of your XML Sitemaps, which Magento currently does not offer.

The magento extension, XML Sitemap Generator and Splitter is a functional extension for both larger (50,000 & more URLs) and smaller (less than 50,000 URLs) stores. It helps better organize sitemaps to review what is being sent to the search engines.

Features of Magento XML Sitemap Generator and Splitter Extension are:

  • Generate XML sitemap(s) for your Magento store.
  • Automatically split your XML sitemap to smaller/sub XML Sitemaps, if the number of pages on your store are more than 50,000 or if the size is more than 50 MB.
  • Automatically create a Sitemap ‘Index’ file which has all the multiple sitemap files listed in it.
  • Include or exclude specific ‘types’ of pages that are generated by Magento on your store (eg. product, category, CMS, Images, Review or Tags)
  • Include or exclude ‘Out of Stock’ Product Pages from your XML Sitemap.
  • Exclude specific CMS pages (for example, Privacy, Contact etc) from the XML Sitemap.
  • Generate separate Sitemaps for different Types of Magento controlled pages on your store (even if your total number of pages on the store is less than 50,000). Eg. Separate XML Sitemaps for product pages, category pages, CMS pages, Tag pages, review pages, Out of Stock pages etc.
  • Control and automate the process of XML sitemap generation and updating.
  • Get Sitemaps summary (number of specific pages & total pages on your store) in your inbox automatically each time the XML sitemap(s) is updated.
  • Exclude canonical version of product pages. This extension enables you to only include one product page in your XML Sitemap even if it is in more than one category.
  • Include the product page images on the product page, in Google’s specified Product XML Sitemap format.
  • Ping and notify all major search engines each time Sitemap is generated or updated.
  • Compress your XML Sitemaps to reduce your bandwidth consumption.

Magento extensions developed by can be downloaded at and at The Magento XML Sitemap Generator and Splitter extension is priced at $119.00 with an added $45 in case you need installation as well.

I am a writer, reader, and a part time adventure and travel enthusiast. The other three things that vie for my mind share are dark chocolate, coffee, and photography. I am highly motivated by user perspectives and addressing the common human experience when I write.

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8 Replies to “Magento XML Sitemap Generator & Splitter Extension”

  1. I get the error Mage_SitemapEnhancedPlus_Helper_Data ‘ not found in ….appMage.php on line 549
    what must i change?

    1. Hi Christian,

      Extremely sorry for the late replay. Please see the reply fro m our Magento experts:

      Please check if the file mentioned exists on his/her website:


      If this doesn’t exist then he/she should re install extension else we will need Ftp and Magento admin login details.

      Thank you.

      Let us know if there’s something else you want assistance for.

  2. Hi Nosheen, can you please explain me how to do it? How can i specify the time when i want the sitemap to be updated automatically? I have already generated the XML sitemap. Or should i go there and click generate every time i want it to update?

  3. Does the XML sitemap generated by Magento CMS updates automatically whenever we add new pages or products to the website? For example, in WordPress CMS, XML sitemap generated by a plugin automatically updates whenever a new page/post/category is added.

    1. Hi Kshitij,

      Yes, we can control this through the extension settings which are available in the back-end (magento admin). We can specify the time when we want the sitemap to be generated/updated automatically.


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