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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Vegan Businesses

With more and more people moving towards plant-based food products, veganism is on a steep rise. And with the rise in the number of vegan businesses, so is the need to market them digitally. 

While every business is trying hard to improve its online visibility, not every business is able to. That’s because not everyone knows what strategies to apply. It’s true that there are no shortcuts to success but the right strategies can give you a head start on others.

We know this because we, as part of the ‘CueBlocks For Good‘ initiative, have and continue to consciously work with purpose-driven organizations, some of which have been vegan brands. 

The strategies we discuss below have successfully yielded us results and will bring you glory if you apply them too. 

What are these strategies? How to apply them? Where to start from? 

Let’s discuss it all! 

SEO Strategies For Vegan Businesses 

You could have a responsive website with the right look and feel along with the best products but if it’s not optimised for search engines, you’re selling yourself short. 

Studies show that about 91.5% of clicks happen on the first page of search results. The remaining 8.5% of clicks (which is almost negligible) happen on the subsequent pages. That’s perhaps why it is rightly said that the best hiding place for a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google or beyond. 

Here’s what you can do to rank your vegan business higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

-Implement Foundational SEO Practices

H1/H2 title tags, URL naming, keyword research, and writing meta titles + descriptions based on the correct keywords will help your page rank higher. 

-Carry Out A Comprehensive Keyword Research 

Keywords are the words that people generally use to find businesses like yours. Thus, knowing what these keywords are, is of the utmost importance. Once the research is done, you can successfully plan your content around the same. If you’re a new vegan business, going for long-tail keywords is the best bet. Various tools like Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush prove to be of immense help. This is because they also disclose the CPC value along with Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume.

Note – The keyword difficulty score projected by these tools are just a number generated by their algorithms. We suggest taking these with a pinch of salt. 

-Set Up Google My Business Profile For Your Vegan Business 

Reaching out to your potential customers locally across Google search and maps will give your vegan business a boost. This can be done by setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile. It will 100% increase your exposure and influence in the local market. Want to know how it’s done? We have Google My Business Optimization Checklist: The Definitive Guide 2021 to help you out! 

-Build Relevant Backlinks 

Building relevant backlinks help the web pages get to the front of the SERPs for the targeted keywords. This means that the chances of people discovering your webpage/website for the relevant keywords become higher. Having more backlinks, therefore, is one of the tried-and-tested strategies to get more business.

Do ensure you are not engaging in something like link exchanges and Private Blog Networks (PBNs). These may work for the short term but if you value your business, stay away from such methods.

SEM Strategies For Vegan Businesses

With an enormous reach of more than 5.8 billion searches per day for both Facebook and Google ads, a strong SEM strategy can help elevate the sales of your vegan business. However, make sure you know the ins and outs of carrying out successful paid campaigns. Else, you’ll only be burning a hole in your pocket. 

Here are some tips that will help you plan your SEM strategy in a better way.

-Know Your Target Audience 

This is essential so you know where exactly you need to put your marketing efforts. If you are a food restaurant that specializes in vegan food for kids, you need to understand your audience’s demographic information (ex: age range, location, hobbies, etc.) along with the psychographic information (i.e. behaviours, attitudes, lifestyle preferences, personality type, etc.). This will help you run Google Ads more efficiently, leading to a higher conversion rate. 

-Run Google Ads

Running Google Ads is a sure-shot way of letting people know about your brand. However, for that, thorough keyword research along with smart ad copies is a must. Don’t forget to have analytics and conversion tracking tools to measure performance. If it sounds like a hard nut to crack, you can always get in touch with us. We’ve been working for Ovegano (a vegan e-shop) and the results have been amazing. Besides, every apprehensive heart must know that for every $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses earn an average revenue of $2. (Source: Google)

-Run Retargeting Ads

There are people who would have seen your vegan products, maybe added them in the cart as well, but didn’t complete the purchase. This is where retargeting ads come into the picture. They remind your website visitors of your products when they visit other websites. Remember, out of sight, out of mind! Because what people see is what people buy, staying fresh in the memory of the prospects is essential. Retargeting ads do this job pretty well. 

Social Media Strategies For Vegan Businesses

With more than half of the world using social media, leveraging these platforms is a must. Right from the young to the old, your prospects on Facebook are waiting for you to offer them things that they desire. The same is the case with vegan businesses. Introduce your brand to the social world and let the magic unfurl. Here’s how!

-For Facebook 

Facebook is an effective channel when it comes to reaching out to vegan audiences. You can create Facebook ads targeting the people who follow vegan content in general. This will help you put your product before like-minded people, thereby increasing your sales.

-For Instagram

Use trending hashtags and run campaigns with aesthetically pleasing pictures showcasing your vegan products to grab the attention of your buyers. Most of the vegan brands tend to neglect Instagram and that’s exactly where they go wrong. With businesses running solely through Instagram, it is one of the fastest rising platforms. 

-For YouTube 

Establish your presence by creating Vegan Recipe videos and How-To videos. This will enhance the credibility of your brand and products. You could even create podcasts to inform or guide people. The more platforms you explore, the more people you’ll reach out to.

-For Pinterest

Pinterest users are true shoppers who check this platform to solely make purchases. It is, therefore, important for vegan businesses to be present before their audience on Pinterest. Besides, Pinterest ads are super-efficient with lower CPCs. You can create a vegan-specific pin so people can land on the products, thereby buying your products/services. 

Content Strategies For Vegan Businesses

Content is king. We’re sure you’d have seen this phrase pop up more than once. And why not? Content alone has the ability to take your vegan business to the next level. 

How? Let’s find out! 

-Incorporate The Targeted Keywords

Use keyword research to pen down content that people might be looking for. If you optimise those pages for the targeted keywords and they appear on page 1 of SERPs, your visibility will lead to people knowing your business up and close. And once this happens, the sales will increase. 

-Form Content Clusters 

Content cluster is a technique wherein content is organised around topics into pillars and cluster pages. While the pillar content is the hero content, cluster pages have content related to your hero content. This organisation of content receives higher visibility from the SERPs, thus leading to more leads and conversions. 

-Understand The Vegan Community 

Fully understanding the vegan community is a prerequisite to writing good content. Since most vegans are concerned about the environment as well, tiny details matter. Therefore, the usage of a plastic bag making its way into the vegan copy can turn things upside down. 

Influencer Marketing For Vegan Businesses

Right from nano-influencers (followers ranging between 1000 and 5000) to full-fledged influencers (followers over 5000) who believe in veganism, promote vegan products. While nano influencers are highly cost-effective, biggies of the industry have a huge fan following. If you ask them to promote your products, they might kindly oblige. However, it’s up to you to give them a clear objective. Be it increasing the traffic on your website or increasing app downloads, the message should clearly be passed on to the audience via influencers. 

These are the 5 vegan digital marketing techniques that are bound to increase your sales. 

In case these strategies are a bit too difficult for you to grasp, you can reach out to us at and we’ll love to help you out.

P.S. – The co-founders of CueBlocks are ethical vegans and who better to seek advice from than the ones who practice what they preach! 🙂

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