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Creativity at its best

To be called and recognized as a truly creative genius is one of the best accolades a person can be conferred with, no matter what industry he or she is related to. The ability to see and imagine things in a different way than others, to be able to come up with bright new innovative ideas and then visualize them and realize them for a larger audience is a daunting task that only a few can actually accomplish.

However, with the advent of computers, as everything around us has become much easier than before, so has the expression of one’s creative ideas. Software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, 3DS Max, Maya amongst others have been the pioneers in providing tools that let people display their talent through the channel of computers very easily. Imagine the convenience to an artist, who can just use the paintbrush tool, hook up their computer with a digital drawing pad, install compatible software and create instant digital portraits. Apart from this, media professionals can use software like Flash and create attractive advertisements which highly appeal to customers.

Companies like Macromedia, Autodesk, Adobe and Corel have been widely recognized as the front runners in the digital graphics genre of computers. They have given to the world some of the best and the most unimaginable tools. Maya and 3D Max are extensively used in motion sensing related animations and movie special effects. Flash and Fireworks are used to create impressive web graphics, both as advertisements or as complete website presentations. Software like Corel Draw and Photoshop are more used where still or static images are to be produced. They find a wide application for print media.

The cost of these software is a daunting factor for many startups. For example, the Adobe CS Suite retails for close to $500-$600, which is not really affordable for many individuals. Although, these software are easily pirated and can be downloaded off the internet, full technical support and upgrades are not available in such case which is a major drawback.

To see what kind of endless possibilities are being realized by people all over the world using digital image processing software, check out some of the brilliant websites CueBlocks has dug out for you listed below. Be sure to have ample time on your hands before you scamper off to these URLs, because they are heavy websites which take some time to load, and you would spend an equal time being amazed by what these fine individuals have done with their creative talents.

A personal website by an advertising executive from Singapore. The artistic excellence depicted in his web pages is guaranteed to blow you away. This website is so rich in creativeness that it is simply unbelievable. Truly epitomizes attention to detail.

Long known as the pioneers of flash technology on the web, 2Advanced Studios LLC, is one of the most respected media companies in the world. Their seriousness for providing the best web experience to their clients is gauged from the fact that they have their own hosting servers, which are some of the most advanced in the world. Their current website is in version 5, with version 3 having been rated as the most influential flash design of the millennium. Truly, a company with an advanced vision of design.

A website for a DJ based in Germany, the complex design which makes you feel as if you are in some other world is truly outstanding. Great interface, coupled with a high focus on detail truly makes this website highly ranked in terms of visual appeal.

The website has a very gothic element to it. However, the color themes are such that your senses of visual interpretation are heightened. A very good example of a website, which uses both image editing as well as image enhancing tools like Photoshop, Corel draw and Flash to produce the ultimate graphics.

Long recognized as the best outlet for displaying your creative genius in photo editing tools, Deviant Art has some of the most awesome graphics on display. Right from amateur designers to works completed by high profile agencies, people love posting their work on Deviant Art for the large number of admirers that visit this website each day. A must see for all graphic enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoyed surfing our choice of some of the most creative websites that we have picked out for you. Of course with over 15 billion pages on the internet, many more options exist for one to explore. However, we can surely say that it is a good beginning!

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  1. It’s really an informative article, waiting to see some creative work by Cueblocks, and I believe we’ll see something creative on board soon.

    Till then keep rocking the Blog!! 🙂

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